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Welcome to the online tenancy application.

Welcome to the online tenancy application. If you have seen a property you wish to rent then please call us to pay your administration fee. Once you have done this you should enter your details here.

I hereby confirm that I am over 18 years of age and the information I have provided is to the best of my knowledge true and accurate at the time of completion. I hereby agree that Redfern Property Management named as the company responsible for processing this application, may make whatever enquiries are deemed necessary in connection with my application for this tenancy. I authorise my employer, bank / building society, personal referee / guarantor, to provide information about me, any prior tenant history, and any employment / financial affairs as appropriate to the agents enquiries. I acknowledge that my application may be refused if the agent is unable to obtain satisfactory references. I understand upon submitting this application that a residential application fee of £80 per tenant, or student application fee of £90 per tenant must be paid in order that the application can be processed, any application fee paid to Redfern Property Management is none refundable in the event that the agent is unable to obtain satisfactory references or if I withdraw my interest in the property. I accept that due to the confidential nature of this application, I will not be permitted access to the references or be given any explanation should my references prove unsatisfactory.

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